Invest in Amazon
Is it a good idea?

“Amazon has become the company with the highest stock market
value in the world, surpassing Microsoft, Apple and Google”

To the question of whether it’s a good idea to invest in Amazon at this time

The answer is a resounding, yes! It debuted on the stock market in 1997, when Amazon was nothing more than an online bookstore. Someone who invested 90 USD in Jeff Bezos’ company then, would have 145.6 billion USD in their account today.

“Today, stock of this giant, founded in Seattle, is around 2,393.61 USD. Don’t be discouraged, if it’s a big investment, you can start with a stock that isn’t quite so high”

The market value of the biggest tech companies has suffered a strong volatility in recent months, a phenomenon that gave Amazon the opportunity to climb to first place of the companies known as the “The Big 4”: Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet (owned by Google) and Amazon.

It’s Time to Invest and Amazon is the Answer!


“Sex, alcohol or Amazon? For some millennials, the choice is simple: online investment. According to a new survey by the Max Borges Agency, 44% of millennials said they would rather give up sex for a year, than give up Amazon. And, 77% of respondents would choose Amazon over alcohol for a year”. – Business Insider.

Are you going to miss out on this opportunity? – The time to invest is now, with the best. The more Amazon’s stock value increases, the more your profits will increase. Also, thanks to the deposit account, you can withdraw your capital whenever you want!

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