Terms & Conditions

1. What happens when you register with us?

We offer our users that by registering for free on our online site, they will be contacted by the partner companies, to present the methods by which you can generate additional income from your home thanks to the online exchange market.

After a quick training on the foreign exchange and finance market, provided by VICI by telephone service, you will only need to spend a few minutes a day, to start considering possible investments to be made on the foreign exchange market thanks to an interface, completely free to use, which will be presented to you and open to you at the time of the training.

As a next step, you will be able to generate profits by investing your money in the foreign exchange market. We offer users who have registered on our site, thanks to the form, which must be filled in with their details, to provide additional information to introduce them to the exchange market and thus be able to make investments on the foreign exchange market.

The user will receive the following information by phone:

    A presentation of the foreign exchange market

    A presentation of online investment risks.

    A presentation of the platform's methods that enable exchange.

    A presentation of deposit and withdrawal methods.

    Presentation of deposit and withdrawal conditions.

The user must receive all the information necessary to open a foreign exchange account as well as an alert on the risks of the online exchange market (including the possibility of losing part or all of the capital). The user is free to follow or cancel the formation process at any time he decides to do so.

2. Design and implementation

The website was created by Prestasoft and designed by WebMediaRM, the marketing arm of VICI.

3. What happens when you register on our form?

We offer users by registering for free on the online form named by the company WebMediaRM to present various methods to generate extra income directly from your home through online commerce.

After a quick training in commerce, provided by the company by phone, only a few minutes a day are needed. This allows you to manage your investments in the foreign exchange market with a free, dedicated interface, presented and open throughout the training period.

Then, as a private individual, you can try to make a profit by placing your money in the forex market.

We therefore suggest that users register for free on our online form to obtain additional information and present what online trading is all about. In this case, investing in the forex market.

The user receives by phone:


- A presentation of the foreign exchange market

- Risk allocation for online investments

- Presentation of the platform

- Presentation of deposit and withdrawal methods

- Presentation of deposit and cancellation conditions


Therefore, the user should receive all necessary information before opening a trading account and warn about the risks of online trading (including the possibility of losing all or part of your capital). The user can continue or stop the training process at any time.

After your training, the entry ticket / game is speculated around 300 euros, depending on the offer of each broker.

As you know, since 2008 the market has opened its doors to people who can now make monthly profits directly from their homes.

How can you get more income from online trading? In Forex, the principle is simple, you buy or sell a currency in the hope that the price compared to other currencies will increase in your direction. If you buy the Euro, you expect the Euro to rise. Then you make a profit if you sell your euros at a higher price than you bought them.

If you make a profit, you can decide to withdraw your money at any time or leave it in your Trading Account to make other transactions. You can execute this in our dedicated interface.

Note that you can also make this a real job and become an investor if your income becomes significant. You will then go from private to professional. As a professional, you should start a small business (e.g. self-employed) to turn your new hobby into a real job.